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Rustic wedding celebrations are some of the most popular type of weddings currently celebrated. Picking the right rustic wedding invitations for your special days is an important step in your wedding preparation, and country themed wedding are surely no exception. Every wedding ceremony is as individual as its participants. No wedding is ever the same. As you can image, and probably have seen when trying to decide on a wedding theme that best fits your style, there are uncountable ideas for weddings. A very popular theme is the rustic themed country wedding.

Invitations are important, because they allow your guests a first glimpse into how wonderful your celebration will be. Have you every been to a wedding and felt out of place because you were overdressed or were not informed about the color choice the happy couple had chosen for their wedding? The invitation is the first step to let your guests know what theme you have picked for your wedding, how to dress and what to expect from your ceremony.

Country weddings come in multiple themes that express a very special rustic charm. Think about candles or mason jars hanging from an old tree while you recite your vows. What could possibly be more romantic? The matching rustic wedding invitations are an extension of your wedding ceremony and make a wonderful keepsake. Barn and fence imagery on your invites will reflect the venue you have chosen for your reception, which makes your guest look forward to a fun time with friends, good food and lively music.

Here are just a few reasons why you would consider celebrating a rustic wedding:

  • A rustic wedding is the utmost romantic celebration to join your lives and families. It is an event that will be remembered fondly not just by you and your spouse, but all your beloved family members and friends.
  • Rustic and country themed weddings and their supplies such as invitations never go out of style. You won't be looking looking back in the many years ahead of you and think, oh my, why did we decide on this arrangement?
  • Rustic chic leaves a lot of room for your own interpretation and to express yourself. Place baby's breath and sand in old mason jars for a marvelous wedding decoration. Wooden crates are a fabulous idea to give your event that vintage shabby chic feel. While candles and floral decor are a must for rustic weddings, the possibilities are endless.
  • Country weddings tend to be more affordable than glitzy black tie and evening gown celebrations. Not only will you never look back and regret your decision to go with rustic chic, you will also save a fortune in the process as lace and burlap decorations, masons jars and more are easily done by yourself and rustic wedding invitations can be personalized and purchased with ease.

There are many other superb ideas for couples just like you who are planning their country wedding. To give your rustic wedding invitations that personal touch, wrap a doily around the invite for a gorgeous lacy and rustic look. These invitations are so easily made and leave an impression that will be remembered fondly. Finish off the look with a piece of twine wrapped around the doily holding your invitation in place. Don't forget the RSVP cards - these should be delivered to your guests included in the wedding invitations and be matching with the invites for a consistent and professional look.